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Tengo un ataque de llanto mientras te escribo, te extraño tanto, no te me vas de la cabeza, eres la primera persona en quien pienso en la mañana y la última antes de dormir.

Dónde estarás, ojalá si existe el cielo estés ahí con tus seres amados, con mis abuelos, con la tía Etelvira y el tío Vladimir de quienes escuché de ti solo hasta semanas antes de que te marcharas.
Mis mañanas sin ti son lo peor del dia, desayuno en el auto para no desayunar sola, para no desayunar sin ti. Nadie me desea un buen dia y nadie me prepara un café.  La casa está tan llena de ti, dejaste recuerdos en cada rincón, encuentro tus letras, tus mil listados,  tus cuentas, tus libretas en cada cajón
Tu ropa está intacta, tus cosas están como a ti te gustaban, ordenadas y limpias. Tus herramientas no te preocupes nadie las va a tocar, tu regla verde, tu lupa, tus tesoros, no te preocupes, las pondré a buen recaudo como tu decías.
Te busco en la cocina constantemente y no estás,  a mi lado en el auto y tampoco te enc…

Gracias Papito

Gracias por el amor que nos entregaste, por toda una vida de servicio, de amor, y por el humano en el que me convertiste, también por toda la paciencia que nos tuviste, por sonreír aún después de que te faltara.
Y gracias por quedarte con nosotros hasta el final de tus días, sin ti nada hubiera sido igual. Sin ti nada es igual.

Seven Key Strategies for Parental Involvement in a Child's Musical Education

Parental inclusion in a youngster's melodic training is a higher priority than previously.

Ordinarily, the age when kids regularly start learning instruments is the age when they need heaps of consolation and endorsement. Parental inclusion can help encourage their kids' development and simultaneously observe quick outcomes.

Peruse further for the seven key ways you can be associated with your kid's advancement:

1. Be steady of their decision of instrument.

Alright, you've never been extremely enamored with boisterous commotion, so it may be a little awkward when your youngster discloses to you he needs to play the trumpet. In any case, understand that your youngster's decision of instrument mirrors his inclinations. Regardless of whether he picks a noisy or delicate instrument, your kid is as yet demonstrating a craving to communicate through music. In the event that he chooses he needs to sound great on, state, drums, this objective will spur him to invest huge …

Keeping Music Education In Our Schools

Instructing the guardians of our youngsters in the estimation of music training is similarly essential to the next teaching we do in the homeroom. The estimation of music instruction is being addressed more than ever.

When thought about unimportant, music training is back on the motivation at educational committee gatherings in numerous networks. In any case, getting a music instruction is a choice accessible to all. In case you're searching for an approach to give your youngster a wellspring of long lasting happiness, fulfillment, and achievement, youth music training is a magnificent initial step.


Learning music in our schools is significant in light of the fact that it creates abilities required by the 21st century workforce, for example, basic reasoning, inventive critical thinking, successful correspondence and cooperation, keeps understudies occupied with school and makes them bound to graduate, and assists understudies with accomplishing in other scholastic subjec…

The Benefits of Music Education to Children


Music is an exceptionally incredible subject - It has been utilized since the Greek occasions for mending, correspondence, unwinding and for satisfaction. Indeed, even before birth we know about our mom's pulse and during early stages are loose by the tune of a cradlesong. Consistently everyone hears some type of melodic pitch or mood and it can even be found in nature, for example, how winged animals convey through a tune like discourse.

Music is such an amazing power, it makes profound feelings in people - it is played at weddings for joy, with sickening apprehension films and during war for dread and at home for satisfaction and as a result of this fits unwinding, stress alleviation and wellbeing treatment - and the association between music, body, and soul has even been appeared to improve physical and emotional wellness.

Aptitudes, for example, working in groups, correspondence, confidence, innovative reasoning, more settled mentalities, creative mind, disciplin…

Maldives Holidays - Reethi Beach Island Resort

The island is honored with regular magnificence, and this is something the hotel is exceptionally dedicated to keeping as immaculate as could reasonably be expected. The trees have scarcely been upset, similar to the sea shore, which has never had any sand siphoned onto, and no dividers or crotches to break its constant go around the island. These endeavors to safeguard the magnificence of the island has been perceived in a Green Award from Kuoni. The feasting in the hotel is great, particularly since a ton of the visitors are on comprehensive bundles. The authority cafés put no some uncommon dishes, Argentina late evening being extremely mainstream when we were there, and the Moodhu eatery over the water is a genuine enjoyment.

The Accomodation

The Reethi manors line the west side of the island and have great shade and sea shore. The fancy manors are at the southern tip of the island, and the northern tip is the place the semi-hover of water homes are found, which have their own str…

Long Beach Island Vacation

LBI is a 18 mile boundary island. On the northern most tip you'll locate the acclaimed Barnegat Lighthouse, lovingly known as "Old Barney". This beacon has been an installation on LBI for more than 150 years. You'll discover the town of Barnegat Light on the northern tip of the island. The southern tip of LBI shows you a light showcase around evening time of Atlantic City out yonder.

While the island itself is 18 miles in length, it's in reality just two or three squares wide. LBI is as limited as two squares wide in certain spots of the island! I've by and by been going to LBI in New Jersey for more than 40 years. I've spent numerous family travels there. A Long Beach Island get-away offers an incredible "family neighborly" condition.

One of the champion highlights is the absence of a promenade. While numerous other shore towns have a promenade, this calmer shore town doesn't, and it makes for an ideal family escape without all the additio…

Long Beach Island, New Jersey

Long Beach Island, New Jersey is a well known summer excursion territory. While many consider Wildwood or Atlantic City when they think about the Jersey shore, this diamond (LBI) has an incredible non-popularized feel for families who are searching for a loosening up outing and hoping to escape from the universe of establishment nourishment and huge box shopping buildings.

Long Beach Island, New Jersey really comprises of numerous humble communities. While the island is 18 miles long, there are entirely a couple of towns. The most mainstream town is Beach Haven, because of it's center point of movement. Try not to be mixed up, there are incredible things to see and do on the whole length of the island.

The Barnegat Lighthouse has been a piece of the island for more than 150 years now, and offers a reference point of light by and by subsequent to being relit on its 150th birthday celebration.

Angling and water sports are mainstream exercises. With a wide range of marinas and spots…